Child Development Center

St. Joseph’s Child Development Center


From their earliest experiences, as their young brains develop, children everywhere deserve to nurtured in a learning environment which fosters love, compassion, intellectual stimulation, social development and fun. Too many are deprived of this environment, putting their futures at risk. At St. Joseph’s Child Development Center, children experience a loving devotion to their physical, emotional, intellectual and social development by a dedicated staff of certified, experienced and compassionate professionals who truly believe that each child’s “future is in our hands”.

Our Mission:

We provide quality care and a positive, secure, affirming and stimulating learning environment. We welcome children as a GIFT and we love them in the richness of their uniqueness. Through the “pedagogy of love and on the power of affirmation” we help children to develop a healthy balance of mind and spirit and dedicate ourselves to nurturing each child and to laying the foundation for values and a healthy “self”.

Key Facts –

  • 90 children are currently enrolled (at capacity).
  • Center operates year-round, Monday through Friday, from 7:30AM to 5:30PM.
  • Curriculum includes:
  1.  language skills
  2. Art
  3. Dramatic play
  4. Computer skills
  5. Reading
  6. Math
  • Lesson plans and progress assessments are required.
  • Services cost $12,000 per child per year.
  • Funding comes from the Board of Education of Camden and the State of New Jersey.
  • Contact Information

    St. Joseph Pro-Cathedral
    2907 Federal St.
    Camden, NJ 08105